Monday, October 1, 2012

occupational hazards of mommyhood, part 2

so.  piper had to have stitches last friday.  five of them.  five, interrupted, 5.0 ethilon sutures put in by yours truly.

she actually did pretty well, except for the numbing part.  i've never understood why lidocaine burns so badly.  i mean, the whole point of numbing something is not to hurt, isn't it?

jay was there, held her head still, and 15 minutes later, she was patched up, almost as good as new.

and she immediately wanted to go back to school.

how did this happen?  she was chasing boys.

she's 6.  yes, she was chasing boys.

and i told her, "piper, the boys are supposed to chase you."

her response:  "but mommy, i'm faster than all the boys."


she also lost her top front tooth last week.  so it was kind of a weird week.

here's my question........why does this always happen before school pictures?

school pictures are this week.  wednesday.  in three days.  as in, she may still have her stitches, depending on how she heals.  lost teeth, i understand.  that's typical.  but stitches?

last year, she cut her hair, in the front, to about 2 inches in length, in one spot.  thankfully, i was able to hide that a little bit.  she lost the tooth, i thought, eh, no biggie.  every kid has a shot where they've lost teeth.  but STITCHES?!?

well, i guess this will be a way for us always to remember the year she smacked straight into the playground equipment because she was chasing boys.