Monday, July 30, 2012


on july 10th, 2012, i was blessed with an honor.

well, rewind.

i was blessed with an honor even before that.  in november of 2011, truly.  that's when i found out that my sister was pregnant.  pregnant for the first time.  directly after she married the guy that she'd been searching for her entire life.

this guy, brian, is awesome.  he makes Sister so happy.  he really does.  so to find out they were pregnant was awesome.

to watch her during the pregnancy was amazing.  even though she had terrible nausea and developed ankles the size of small tree trunks, she did amazing.

she came in to the office on july 9th, after having pretty intense contractions all morning.

this was TWO DAYS after her baby shower.

baby's heart rate was good, but i kept her here, because she was only 36w6d and we got her started on some procardia to stop the contractions.  well, that didn't work, because her water broke here at the office in the bathroom.  she was so nervous and scared and anxious.

as was i.  in the few years i've been practicing medicine, i've never been the one to drive someone to the hospital.  i always show up after that part, when it's time to the catch the baby.

so i took her to my house, where we met up with brian, and he took her to the hospital.

Sister had asked me to be there at the hospital, since Mom couldn't be there.  brian's parents were there, dad was there, tery was there.  and we waited.  we drank coffee.  and we waited.  Sister dilated.  and we waited.  dad and i sat in my truck with the windows open, eyes closed, telling stories about childhood memories, and we waited.  and then i got the call to come back up to the labor deck because Sister was 9.5 cm dilated.  hooray!

and after about 15 minutes of pushing, i watched her make this amazing transition from my baby Sister into a Mommy as she gave birth to 5#9oz Daggar Xavier, born at 37 weeks.  10 fingers, 10 toes, all perfect and tiny.

i got to deliver my nephew.  how cool is that?  who gets to do that?!?

and it was amazing.  the most amazing thing i've ever done.  of all the babies i've ever delivered, aside from my own, this was the most special thing i've ever done.

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