Saturday, December 3, 2011

my husband

my husband is my favorite person in the world.

there isn't anyone else on this planet that would put up with my line of nonsense like him. and he does it without question, and without too much griping. some griping is normal, of course.

we've been together for nine years. that's almost a third of my life.

i find myself in awe, and humbled, when i think of what he has brought to my life. he knows...whether it's a look, a touch, a hug. he knows what i'm thinking, what i want to say, how i feel, and what i want.

he is my best friend. our relationship isn't perfect, but it's perfect for us. and i hope that it always stays that way.

something that my husband has taught me is communication. now, that's not to say that we just say anything we please to one another. but he has taught me the importance of speaking to each other about our concerns, our thoughts. and he has taught me not to be afraid of my opinions. there was once a point in time when i was afraid of what i thought...afraid of being judged, afraid of confrontation.

he has watched me change over the years into the person i am today. there are parts of me that used to be there that aren't anymore, good and bad. but without question, he accepts me, he has taught me so much, and he has enriched my life. i'd be lost without him. and i love him to the depths of my soul.

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