Saturday, September 1, 2012

occupational hazards of mommyhood

homework with piper

blogging is such an outlet.  and yet, it seems to be the thing that i always get to last.  the thing that sits on the back burner, always there, always waiting, patiently.  waiting for the moment when, at the end of the week/month/chaos, welcomes me back with open arms and says, "hello, friend."

there are always so many other things that need done RIGHTNOW.  kids need bathed.  laundry needs done.  homework needs completed.  my work needs finished.  specifically, charts have to be documented and organized.  dog needs bathed.  hubs needs loved. friends and family need help and support.  and i need sleep.

last weekend, i came down with some cruddy upper respiratory infection.  i haven't been sick like that in a long time, probably since i had H1N1 in 2009.  i actually missed work last friday and lost my voice.  however, the good news was that 1) Dade gave it to me, which means he's learning to share (always a good skill for a three year old to have), and 2) it only really lasted for about two days.  this meant that we were able to go to the linkin park/incubus concert.

there, we had a blast.

going to the concert was not the same as it would have been 10 years ago.  ten years ago, i would have partaken in many of the legal and illegal substances being passed amongst the other concert goers.  not anymore.  there are just too many things on the line that i stand to lose, to sacrifice, for three or four hours of fun. 

i didn't used to thing that way.  i used to partake without thought of the consequence.  that was many moons, two children, a husband, and a career ago. 

this week, as a i celebrate one full month of being a "partner" of the full medical practice to which i belong, i looked at my schedule and realized that i'm seeing about 25 patients per day.  which i love.  i love that i can see my patients, that i know their history, that i know their family, that i feel sort of like a "mommy" to them.  i don't think i could handle seeing more than that.  because then i don't think i could get out of the office to get home to do my mommy duties here.  but i thank God every day that He has seen fit to bless me with a blossoming practice and the opportunity to provide for my family.

through sickness, health, fun, sorrow, anger, laughter.  the occupational hazards of mommyhood.

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