Friday, March 2, 2012


growing up, calvin and hobbes was my favorite thing to read. i would read, and read, and re-read the books over and over. my most prized possession as a child was a horribly beaten copy of the essential calvin and hobbes by bill watterson. beaten to the point that sections of the pages clung together with binding, but randomly fell out. never lost, the sections were occasionally out of order.

although hobbes was a stuffed tiger, he was real in calvin's mind, and was a sufficient reason/excuse/scapegoat for calvin to get his way into and out of whatever he wanted, although his mother and father and susie derkins tried to disrupt that process all the time.

now, my son has a veritable "hobbes" in our dog maizie. maizie might be a real live dog, but the two of them have become inseparable. where you find one, you'll find the other. where you hear one, you'll hear the other. they are BFFs, and i'm quite sure they'd have it no other way.

and truly, i think i'm destined to be the equivalent of calvin's mom, in the strip. frequently thought at my house is her quote..."i haven't seen calvin for about 15 minutes now. that probably means he's getting in trouble."

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