Tuesday, March 13, 2012

life according to dade and piper

my children, combing my hair after i took a shower...

my children, just like all children, say and do the weirdest things sometimes. i find it necessary to document these just for posterity's sake.

according to piper:
froot loops were "fruit yoops." she had a very hard time saying her "L's." lady = yady. looking = yooking.

frequently, when asked to make a choice, she'd put her hand under her chin and tap her cheek with her finger and say, "hmm. let me think. how 'bout sumpin' else?"

she makes up words to song. there is a jay-z song that she will listen to, and the true words are "on to the next one." she decided it was much better as "down to the mix pond." i'm not sure what a mix pond is, but those were her words.

she likes her pasta sans sauce. it is called "blank noodles."

everything in life is better with music. especially if dancing is involved.

piper loves to get dirty and play outside. she's sort of a tomboy that way. but, everything should be done with a fancy dress on.

piper has always been very articulate. she has always had a big vocabulary. she started almost all of her sentences with "actually" from the age of 3 and on.

life according to dade:
dade is all about music, also. but he names songs by weird of his favorite songs is called "shammich," according to him.

he counts pictures when we read to him. but he'll count part of the pictures, say apples, on a page and constantly ask, "is that enough?" you tell him no, and he counts one more and says, "is that enough?"

his thank you is more like "nthank yoooooou."

milk = meelk...may i please have some milk is "please may want to have some meelk?"

he has a matchbox car of lightning mcqueen...not only does he have to carry this everywhere, but the car's name is "lightling aqueen!"

there are many more, and this list will be added to in the future, i'm sure. but there are just some things you shouldn't let become forgotten.

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