Friday, March 30, 2012

early morning insights on the way to school

i have decided that my daughter's favorite words are "guess what."

maybe this is typical for a five year old girl.  or a five year old boy, for that matter.  but as much as getting ready and getting out the door in the morning stresses me out, i find it an honor to be able to take my daughter to school every morning, without fail, on my way to work.

today is the last day before spring break.  it is also the last school day before easter, and since piper goes to a lutheran school, this is kind of a big deal.  

the minute i walked in the door last night, piper had to tell me all about the happenings for today.

in typical quick-talking kindergartener style...."himommy GUESS WHAT?!?"

she proceeded to tell me that the easter bunny MIGHT hide some things in their classroom after lunch.  and that today was the day for the kindergarten store, and could we PLEASE get in her piggy bank to get money for the store PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE?!?

all within 26 seconds of me getting out of the car.

piper is not a morning person.  well, scratch that.  she's not a morning person on school mornings.  on weekends, that kid is up at like 7am, but she is five, and very respectful of the fact that the rest of us want to sleep later.  she doesn't get into things she's not supposed to, just goes down into the play room and watches tv.  she even turns it down so as not to wake up the rest of us. 

but on school mornings, it's like pulling teeth to get her ready on time.  for whatever reason, she was all bouncy this morning.  she was ready in record time.  and as she sat at the counter, eating her donuts, talking with her mouth full, i seriously don't think she took time to even take a breath.  she talked the this morning.

and as we went to school, i sat up front, driving and laughing.

"mommy, guess what!  did you know that drake doesn't believe that only grown ups can see the easter bunny?"

"mommy, guess what!  miss james said that after lunch the easter bunny MIGHT hide eggs in our classroom!"

"mommy, guess what!  i bet there is a mrs. easter bunny that helps mr. easter bunny take all the eggs and candy to the kids.  because, you know, that's a lot of work.  he has to go all over the world.  even to florida!"

"mommy, did you know that we're learning about skunks?  we came back from lunch yesterday and the room smelled all stinky like a skunk!  and guess what!  we read a book about a skunk that was helping the easter bunny, and he was getting so excited that he kept spraying!  and the easter bunny had to wear a paper clip on his nose so he could make the eggs!  mommy, guess what!  did you know skunks are black and white?  not like raccoons, but kind of!"

guess what!  as funny as she is, i love that my daughter finds excitement out of life.

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