Thursday, March 15, 2012

i am

i am blessed.
there are so many things in the life that i am blessed to have. there are so many things that i've gone through, just like anyone else has. and there are so many blessings that i reap the benefit children, my husband, my family, my friends, my career.

i am liberated.
i have had the opportunities in my life to do what i wanted to do. and make it happen. and not to settle for less because of anything, whether it's my gender, my background, my socioeconomic status, etc.

i am independent.
i can drywall, mud, change my own oil (though, who really wants to get that dirty?), change a tire, cook, clean, fix people's ailments, listen, inspire, and amaze.

i am insecure.
i worry that my actions are not enough, sometimes. i worry that i'm not pretty enough or smart enough, or that i don't do enough to help others.

i am self-assured.
i am a valuable person.

i am ambitious.
i have never let anything stop me or get in my way. i've figured out ways to move around or over or through obstacles.

i am audacious.
i have said and done things that are probably wrong, but always with my heart in the right place. i've pissed people off, made them proud, made them cringe, made them smile, made them cry, and made them happy. i encourage and support, and i get judgmental sometimes (though, i know i shouldn't).

i am a child of God.
my dreams are His dreams, as they were put there by Him. my fears are fears of not living up to His expectations of me, and knowing that i can't earn my way into Heaven. my kindness and compassion and forthrightness and gentleness and loud laughter are in me through Him.